Want To Feel Vibrant and Healthy Using Your Natural Energy?
Unlock Your Hidden Health and Vitality in Your DNA.
Would you like to be able to wave your hands and solve any pain, discomfort or illness?
What if Headaches, Fatigue, Anxiety, Colds and Allergies could be a thing of the past- something that USED to happen to you? 

Believe it or not, your body is the most amazing healing machine ever created. The programs for healing are literally coded into your DNA. Yet those miraculous abilities remain dormant- covered up by stress and worry-  lost in hectic modern life.

You don’t have to go to medical school for years to learn to maintain perfect health- or to a cave in India to learn these ancient secrets. It’s actually much more simple than you could have imagined. 

Play along for just a moment, and imagine that you have a simple system available to help you solve any health challenge you may be experiencing and to prevent future illness while increasing your vitality, and that’s just the beginning. 

What would be possible in your life if you had this miraculous ability literally in the palm of your hand? 

Harmonious relationships, more prosperity and a deep connection to your spiritual being are yours for the taking. 

I'll explain...

Hi, my name is Nick Hansinger. I'm the President of Energy Mastery. 

Only a few short years ago I was at the lowest point in my life…
I was burned out and broke after an awesome career in performance and personnel management- feeling completely unfulfilled, and downright afraid!

There was the yoga, the many many self-help books and audios, event hopping, healing, tapping, meditation, many trips to India and lots of mindset stuff. It seems like I tried everything and…
...NOTHING was working. I kept spinning my wheels and feeling desperate.

Then, I met someone who taught me a system that turn everything around...in an incredibly short time. I’m talking days!
I went from being exhausted, overwhelmed, scattered and frustrated to being Happier, Healthier than I've EVER Been, Clear Focused, Energized and Inspired. 
Once I found this...Something deep woke up in me. I finally understood my own capability for health and vitality. It was literally locked in my DNA, just waiting to be activated. 
Now, I believe that EVERYONE has a right to know that deep sense of peace and fulfillment that I achieved and that's exactly why I've made it my mission to get these powerful tools into the hands of as many people as possible.
The system is called Energy Mastery(™) and it is a game changer.
Energy Mastery is known as the most significant and comprehensive training on energy healing available today. The tools and technologies have changed literally tens of thousands of lives through the work of our founder, Sheevaun Moran. She founded this based on her own near death experience and having to find the right formula that helped save her own life and countless others and you are about to learn how you can too.
It's because of Energy Mastery that I go to sleep every night with deep peace and knowing that I’m here sharing the work that I was designed to do. 
I know that this is possible for you too, and I'm going to show you what Energy Mastery can do for YOU in your life...

And The Best Part is...
  • You can heal yourself, truly taking control of YOUR health and wellness. 
  • It doesn’t take years to learn.
  • You don’t need any experience with energy or even healing for that matter.
  • You don’t need to worry about looking weird. In fact, one of our students uses it in the court room as an attorney!
  • You don’t need expensive tools, apps, formulas to memorize, or even devices you have to carry around...all you need are your hands.
  • The techniques and solutions follow the laws of nature.
  • Every part of your life will improve using these tools. 
Of course...you need to be willing to do the work. It's not enough to know that you want help others. 

Maybe you already know that healing is your calling, or maybe you're not sure. 

Whatever the case, it's not enough to just be interested in having better health and choices that are more natural. It's not enough to wish that you can help your family heal from something. You have to be willing to take action to follow that deep inner calling. 
You must be dedicated to the difference that you make for others and be willing to take your attention off of your busy life long enough to MASTER the Foundations of how energy REALLY works. 
This is NOT for You If: 
  • You only want others to do the work for you.
  • You are convinced that nothing will work for you. 
  • You are not willing to invest your time, effort, finances and energy into becoming more empowered. 
  • You are resistant to learning the most advanced tools in the world. If you already know it all, you can simply exit this page now. 
This Might Be for You If: 
  • Actively looking for a solution, rather than just more information. 
  • You are ready, willing and able to make a change in your life.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and will take action because you are worth it! 
  • You want to feel EMPOWERED!
  • You want to take control of your health and well being. 
  • You want a COMPLETE SOLUTION for health and abundance. Not just pieces of the puzzle...
I hope you're getting the idea that this is about YOU being able to handle anything the life brings your way. This is about YOU being empowered to heal yourself and others. 
This is about YOU fulfilling your Life Mission and Purpose. 

So, I have a few QUESTIONS for you...
  •  Do You have a busy life, and a lot of people rely on you to be your best, but you find yourself feeling DRAINED of ENERGY, UNINSPIRED and UNMOTIVATED?
  • Are you SENSITIVE to energy, and have a hard time being around certain people and energies?
  • Are you going through cycles of massive motivation and inspiration, only to Burn Out and Crash physically and emotionally?
  •  When you crash, do you suffer from Frustration, Doubt and Self-Judgement?
  •  Have you’ve tried all of the logical solutions? (time management, personal growth books, seminars, meditation) but…
  •  You keep repeating the same patterns and programs and running into the same obstacles. 
  •  Do you have chronic pain or illness (fatigue, migraines, old injuries or traumas) and you’ve tried EVERYTHING to solve them, but nothing has lasted?
  •  Do you want to be able to have Consistent Energy that isn’t affected by others?
  •  Do you want to be able to HEAL any physical, mental and emotional traumas in yourself and others?
  •  Do you want CLARITY, FOCUS and CONFIDENCE to do your important work in the world and positively impact the lives of others. 
If you answered "YES" to any of those questions... YOU ARE IN THE PERFECT PLACE - SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.
Why Other Healing Modalities Fall Short of Complete Solutions

Part 1: Healing is like baking a cake...

  •  There is a specific sequence which must be honored in order for healing to be effective. 
  • There is a unique formula that you are designed with and when using the right technology your innate healing mechanism kicks into high gear, kinda like kids who get a cut and heal fast. 
  • It’s also not just a temporary solution as this is the formula that is proven to give you lasting relief.
  • When healing is done out of sequence, the energy actually becomes the PROBLEM, not the solution. (by the way, this is why so many people tend to get worse before they get better). 
Imagine that you want to bake a cake. 


You wouldn't just throw all of the ingredients in a bowl, then throw the bowl in the oven, then take it out and mix it. That would be a disaster! 


You'd need to combine the right ingredients, in the right sequence in order for that cake to come out of the oven perfectly moist and delicious. 

Make sense? 

Healing works the same way. The body has different needs based on the specific condition, or challenge it's experiencing. That's why we've spent countless hours compiling data in order to develop the most powerful and efficient healing protocols available. 

Remember: the band-aid doesn’t do the healing. 

It's the energy, when used in a proper sequence, which facilitates the body’s innate abilities. Energy Mastery helps facilitate that even more quickly.

Part 2: Alice in Wonderland

  • The Mind Plays a CRITICAL role in healing.
  • Even with the best healing processes in the world, unless you solve the mental and emotional patterns BEHIND the problem, your mind will find a way to re-create it. However, 
  • If you ONLY focus on the mind, and don't solve the ENERGY FIRST, you'll only have half of the solution- at best...
...so, that nice shiny mind will go right back into the same, dirty energetic container and you'll have another mess on your hands before you know it.  
Think of it like this...

If your computer has a virus, you might not even realize it at first. It just starts running slower and slower-- Then it starts crashing randomly, and you think, "Hmmm...that's weird." 

Eventually, if you don't do something, your computer won't even turn on! 

So what do you do? 

Well, first, you have to run a virus scan to find it! 

Then, you need to DELETE the virus. 

It's the same in your mind and emotions. You need to be able to determine what, exactly, is causing the problem. Then you need to remove it- NOT just re-frame it. 

Simple enough, right? 

Except your mind contains VASTLY more information than any computer- the entire history of your perceptions and experiences is locked up there somewhere! 

Therefore, you need a SYSTEM in order identify and unwind the negative programs so that you can be your bright, shiny, beautiful, productive and successful self. 

Because without a system, you'll be like Alice in Wonderland tumbling down the rabbit hole of your own mind, repeating the same patterns and programs and winding up with the same old results. 
That's what Energy Mastery is- A SYSTEM! It unlocks YOUR innate healing capability in a step-by-step formula.
An All-In-One System, to be exact...
Many people have actually figured out that a more complete solution was needed, so they started COMBINING different systems and modalities in order to fill the gaps. 

For example, they'll combine Reiki with Hypnosis. Then they'll learn Theta healing and include a little of that. Then do some tapping...and this goes on and on. 

Every new modality they learn get's added to the stack-- hoping that they'll eventually find the MISSING PIECE. 

Unfortunately, this hodge-podge method doesn't work. Here's why...

Every modality is based on a specific set of principles. In fact, they were never DESIGNED to work together. 

It's like trying to install an Android App on an iPhone. It just won't work. 

What is needed is a system that was DESIGNED to work hand in hand. In fact, that's EXACTLY why Energy Mastery was created!
Energy Mastery Changes Lives...
Tammy Gallagher
Health Coach
"I am able to have control over my life and to fulfill my dreams."
Amanda Young
Simplify Your Marketing
"Now I have to power to help my Family, Friends and Clients through whatever challenges they're experiencing in their life. 

It's been incredibly valuable and helpful for me in my Life and Business. 
Christie Helwig
Massage Therapist and Healer
"Energy Mastery helps me to maintain my own energy so that I have more to share with others.

I don't see any limitations with Energy Mastery"
Steve Brinton
Muscle Testing Academy
"Energy Mastery called me at every level of my being- Mind, Heart and Spirit."
Karen Norman
Monrovia, CA
"Everything I needed was already there. I just needed to learn how to unlock it and use it.

I fee like a different person."
Joyce Brinton
Muscle Testing Academy
"I don't have to wait for anybody else, work on me. I can do this myself.

I use Energy Mastery daily." 
Jennifer Gotteman
Feng Shui Expert and Real Estate Agent
"Sales Conversations are smoother and more successful. My husband and kids are happier, healthier and our house is peaceful and calm-- which is amazing for a house with 3 little boys in it!
The Best Part of Mastering YOUR Energy is...
...Taking back CONTROL of YOUR Health and Wellbeing.
There is nothing more frustrating than having to keep going back to a healer in order to get what you need to solve a challenge. This is expensive and time-consuming. 

Life happens. And if your healer or shaman isn't available, you're out of luck, or WORSE...

Here's the thing- EVERYONE has the ability to heal themselves. It's in your DNA! EXCEPT, We've been trained over time to rely on others for our healing. 

This is nonsense! 

Imagine what would be possible in your life if you KNEW that you had the best healing tools and processes to handle ANYTHING that life throws your way. 

Let's take that One Step Further...

...and imagine that not only can you handle anything life throws at you, but that you actually have the clarity, focus and vitality to CREATE YOUR LIFE exactly as you want? 

Drama and chaos dissolve. 

Conflicts resolve. 

You can finally have peace of mind and a deep sense of connection to your highest path and purpose. 
Energy Mastery™ is the Most Comprehensive Healing Modality Available. 
You'll Learn...
  • Principles of Self-Recovery & Life Force: These foundations of the healing process are absolutely VITAL to understanding and facilitating healing in your life and the lives of others. 
  • Functional Energy anatomy: Structure of the Human Aura and the Major Chakras. Energy Mastery uses a more comprehensive chakra system in order to provide COMPLETE and LASTING healing. Most systems only use 7 chakras, which leave out vital pieces of the puzzle. 
  • Hacking the Matrix: How to identify and resolve the #1 kingpin of all beliefs stopping you. Unless you KNOW for certain what it is that's stopping you, you can waste precious time chasing your tail with things that don't work. This creates frustration, disappointment and anxiety. 
  • Energetic Diagnostics: Simple techniques to accurately diagnose the level and condition of the aura, chakras, organs and energy field. If you went to the doctor, the first thing she would do is a proper diagnosis. Unless you're clairvoyant or have other special abilities, this can be a challenge- UNTIL NOW. 
  • Practical Applications: Step-by-step applications for correcting energy imbalances associated with pain, stress and other common physical ailments. Our protocols for healing specific ailments have been tested on literally thousands upon thousands of clients. You benefit from the countless hours of research and development. 
  • Energetic Hygiene: Self-decontamination techniques to prevent others from draining your energy. If you work closely with others, either as a healer or on a team for business, you KNOW how vital it is to remove negative energy from your field. You'll learn a simple yet powerful method that can be done in 15 minutes (or less). 
  • Ultimate Self Healing: Principles & Techniques for Self-Healing. Many people take Energy Mastery Foundations just for this piece, so they can heal the traumas and remove the limiting programs that are holding them back from the full life they KNOW they could be living. 
  • Self-Coaching for Positive Momentum: How to identify when you're at risk for being accident prone, losing things, forgetful, about to make a giant mistake. There is a common denominator to all of these challenges. Once you know what it is, you can quickly identify when you're at risk, and correct it IMMEDIATELY. 
  • Emotional Clarity: How to get yourself out of ANY negative situation immediately. Emotional upheaval is the primary cause of untold damage in our world. Broken relationships, stalled businesses, physical disease, and so much more. Knowing how to get out of a negative circumstance before it sweeps you away can literally save your life.
  • Advanced Healing Practices, and So Much More...
Topher Williamson
Education Consultant
"I came in looking for tools to help me move forward in my life, and I walked away with exactly that. The training described was truly delivered. "
How Energy Mastery Foundations Certification Works...
Energy Mastery™ Foundations is a LIVE 2-day intensive certification process designed to lay a lasting foundation for Mastering Your Energy. You'll work with a small group of dedicated students to gain knowledge and practical experience with these powerful tools and processes. 

By the time you leave, you will have everything you need to apply the tools in your life, and the lives of your clients. 

DAY 1: Outer Energetics. You'll receive a step-by-step process to cleanse and repair each layer and aspect of your outer energetic body. You'll learn a tool, then practice it immediately under expert guidance. 

By the end of Day 1, you will have performed a complete protocol designed to solve a specific challenge or illness and had that done for you. 

DAY 2: Inner Energetics. Resolving challenges in the mental and emotional layers requires immense focus and presence. On Day 2, you'll learn a systematic process to identify your biggest INTERNAL block and RESOLVE it immediately. 

By the end of Day 2, you will have facilitated a complete process with another person and be equipped to use the SAME process on yourself. 
Irene Frietas
Feng Shui Expert and Energy Practitioner
"I've studied all kinds of Energy and Healing Modalities, but I wanted a deeper understanding of how Energy Works. 

Energy Mastery™ is IT!"
What Will Energy Mastery Do For YOU?
Total Transformation...
  • Better Health and Vitality: If you find yourself lacking energy, or if you have chronic symptoms such as headaches or fatigue, it can be frustrating to not be able to accomplish all the things you want. 
  • Wealth: Did you know that you have specific chakras related directly to your wealth and finances? When these chakras are congested, it can cause all sorts of problems, like lack and limitation. When clean and clear, abundance is free to flow in your life and business. 
  • Love: Your true nature is Divine Love, but past trauma and resentments can keep you out of connection and loving relationships with others. The more you Master Your Energy, the more Love you can allow in your life. 
  • Authentic Expression: YOU are a unique expression of the ONE. In our "Look at me" world, it's easy to fall into the traps of comparison and judgement. This keeps you from your Authentic Divine Expression. Truly, this is your greatest gift. Isn't it time to let yourself shine? 
Charlene Corpus
Coach and Speaker
"I use Energy Mastery for myself, for my family, and in my business. It's like a whole new world that I'm discovering!"
What is it worth to you to have the most powerful healing modality on the planet at your fingertips? 
An even better question might be, "What is it costing you to NOT know how to heal yourself?!" 

Stress and Anxiety take a toll on your health and well being...

Fatigue sets in and time seems to keep speeding up as you have more and more to do, but less and less time. 

Doctor and prescription bills continue to skyrocket.  

Constantly having to look to others for the solutions you KNOW are already in YOU. 

Feeling alone and disconnected, even though you're surrounded by people. 

Broken Relationships.

The list goes on...

...I get it. I was there. 
People have paid as much as $2000 for the same training that's just ONE CLICK away for YOU. 
The time has come for these tools to be put in the right hands. That's why YOU'RE here, isn't it?

So, for a limited time, we're offering this one-of-a-kind intensive training for two payments of $799. 

Or, if you'd like to save a little more money, you can make one payment of $1497. 

We limit the number of participants in each training in order to give each person the highest level of care and attention, so you'll want to enroll today before your training fills up. 

I'll even include a bonus if you sign up through this page. 
Special Bonus: Secret Energy of Miracles
I don't want for you to have to wait one more second to get started applying the powerful tools of Energy Mastery in your life and...
...that's why I'm including this special virtual training- The Secret Energy of Miracles. 

Some people wind up waiting their whole life for a miracle that never comes. That's because they don't understand the Secret Energy of Miracles. 

Yes, there is actually a process to create and re-create miracles in your life. But in order to master that process, you need to understand the Secret Energy of Miracles. 

This program alone sells for $397. We're including it for FREE so that you can get started TODAY. 
Have You Ever Wondered:
If you could create a miracle each and every day, what would you create? 

Better health? The perfect partner or relationship? More prosperity? 

That's why you don't miss out on your chance to claim your fast action discount and dramatically increase your health and vitality...

Just click the happy button below, and you'll be on your way to the next Energy Mastery Foundations Training the moment you complete your order.

This is your opportunity to get out there and finally unlock the full potential of your healing ability... for yourself and for all the people you love in your life. 

Click the button below, and I'll help make this dream a reality for you and your Life Purpose.

What Students Are Saying...
Christie Helwig
Massage Therapist and Healer
"Energy Mastery helps me to maintain my own energy so that I have more to share with others.

I don't see any limitations with Energy Mastery"
Steve Brinton
Muscle Testing Academy
"Energy Mastery called me at every level of my being- Mind, Heart and Spirit."
Jennifer Gotteman
Feng Shui Expert and Real Estate Agent
"Sales Conversations are smoother and more successful. My husband and kids are happier, healthier and our house is peaceful and calm-- which is amazing for a house with 3 little boys in it!
Are You Still Here? 
Look, I may not know you personally, but if you're here right now there's one thing I know for sure: You deserve the Peace and Fulfillment that comes with Mastering YOUR ENERGY, Mastering Your LIFE and making a beautiful impact in the world.

And you deserve to sleep soundly at night knowing that you are doing the work that you were put here to do.

You see... It doesn't matter how many letters you have after your name, how many certifications you have, how skilled you are at your craft, or even how much people love you... 

If you haven't created the healing and success that you want in YOUR LIFE... 

You need the Master the Foundations of How Energy Works in EVERY facet of life.

So go ahead and CLICK THE BUTTON below and let's dive in together!
We have classes across the United States. Fill out the application now and we'll help you find the best class for you. 
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